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Yes Art Can
Art & Deal Correspondent

Yes Art Can 2017 is just the beginning installment of a series of exhibitions which will take place over the next few years. The exhibition was held at the prominent IGNCA (Indira Gandhi National Center for The Arts) and took place from the 17th of November to the 25th. It was an exhibition celebrating several decades of the Delhi College of Art, bringing forward the Guru- Shisya parampara and to create a platform to discuss art as well as ignite artistic aptitude in people and society. The underlying aim behind this dynamic exhibition of both visual and sculptural work is to present how art can indeed change mindsets, and in turn create a lasting change in society. The works exhibited here were all works from former students of Delhi College of Arts, including renowned artists such as Dhiraj Choudhury, Krishna Ahuja and others. Although the exhibit featured works of individuals of many walks of life, some world renowned for their artistic and others working in other creative fields, there was no distinction between the works and each work was presented in its own right – as the art of Delhi College of Art alumni.

More than being just an exhibition of art, Yes Art Can was also a discursive platform for individuals with an interest in the arts to come together and discuss what art means and can mean in our contemporary society, especially as an agent for change. On each evening of Yes Art Can, interactive discussions were held featuring guest speakers such as Dr. Alka, Smt. Madhur Sen, Shri Akash Hendu Das, Shri Jatin Das, Shri Peter Negi, Smt and Kanchan Chandra. There were also several independent film screenings from the archives of the Indira Gandhi International Center as part of the program.

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