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The weather of chill breeze and warm sweaters is indeed upon us, and the long
dark nights are brightened by the vivid illuminations and sounds which wedding
season brings. Across the world many prepare for Christmas, with each corner
of the globe having its own wonderful and unique way of celebrating the festive
season. Here in Delhi the cooler weather also gives rise to an array of creative
events, exhibitions and festivals. It is as though the chill of the season revitalizes us
all, and motivates us to action.

In our December issue of Art & Deal, we cover a selection of the winter
happenings in our part of the world, along with our usual slice of the international
scene. We feature the works and concepts of contemporary mixed media artist
‘Megha Joshi’ who has spent the best part of her career deconstructing and
making sense of the social norms which exist in our society including the rituals
and customs which we take for given. All this and more is featured in the article
‘Deconstructing The Ritual’.

Our correspondent in London, Rajesh Punj, interviews artist and photographer
Hiroshi Sugimoto who candidly discusses the evolution of his process and practice,
his thematic style and the influences of the wider world on his works which are
full of monochromatic dynamism. Another dynamic artist, Sangeeta Gupta, from
the field of abstract painting is analyzed by Dr. Aparna Roy Baliga in the article
‘Of The Hourglass and The Moving Images of Eternity In The Works Of Sangeeta
Gupta’ where we gain a deep and insightful look into the interior concepts behind
her art practice.

Fulbright scholar Katie Lazarowicz delves into the Indigenous art history of
India in her article ‘The Colour of Water’, a report of the Seven Rivers Project
which took place in the vibrant halls of the Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum as
tribute to the living traditions of India. The project was co-created by Italian artist
Tarshito, and brought together a diverse group of artists from the Gond community
itself, who each created their own vision of the holy rivers of the land.

Our December issue brings three reviews of recent events in India, just a slice of
our vibrant and budding art scene. Neha Mathrani reports on Goa’s The Story Of
Space Festival; an interdisciplinary platform that aimed at bringing together artists,
educators, scientists and philosophers to interrogate the concept of space through
the lenses of politics, physics, physics and perceptions. And our correspondent in
Delhi reports on ‘Yes Art Can’ an exhibition held at the Indira Gandhi National
Center for The Arts as a celebration of several decades of the Delhi College of Arts
and the culture of creativity it has inspired. Indira Lakshmi Prasad reviews the
recent solo exhibition of abstract painter Tanya Goel, who explores the endless grid
of modern existence through her handmade pigments and formulaic inscriptions.

Malika Chakrawarti re-tells the legacy of Sailoz Mookherjea, an artist who
artist had begun a silent revolution in India, Sailoz Mookherjea imagined
modernism in a way no Indian artist did at the time.

And finally, it is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of artist,
mother, sister and friend of many, Chitralekha Sen Tagore, within the pages of our
December issue lays our heartfelt tribute to this wonderful woman.

Happy Reading, and do not hesitate to contact us with your thoughts and
-Siddhartha Tagore

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