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Review (Hyderabad)
Two solo shows

Palak Dubey

Apart from regular group shows and art events, the city of Hyderabad recently hosted two noteworthy solo shows. Kiran Kumar Varikilla’s preview show at Gallery Space (8th August to 14th August) titled ‘Form and content’ which was later shown at Jehangir art gallery in the month of September. The second show was by Masuram Ravikanth, which contained works rendered by the artist during an art residency programme in Bordeaux, France. The show was titled ‘A reflection of yesterdays truth and today’s imagination’ and was exhibited at Kalakriti art gallery(from 2nd September to 7th September) 

Masuram Ravikanth’s body of work revolves around photographs/reminiscences from royal lineage and aristocratic grandeur. Through his work he looks back at history and contemplates the past in context/comparison to the present modern era.

Masuram tells us more: “For the series I have worked on the archival photographs, sources from Kalakriti Archives. These are precious treasures and were clicked by the famous photographer Deen Dayal Sharma” The works bridge the gap between the bygone era and contemporary times in a completely novel- allegorical manner.

These photographs are sole remnants and exquisite relics of the past. On them he has super imposed motifs and other images which grant them a completely new dimension and span. In a playful manner, he fits contemporary faces onto old archival photographs. Not disturbing the other elements of the images, his sole area of concentration mostly is the face of the protagonist, yet in one of the works he creates a completely new composition. Two women stand in a mute, expressionless, demure stance as if following the instructions of the photographer with utmost obedience. Within the cradle of their joined hands, Masuram has fitted an image of the Eiffel tower. This superimposition not only grants the work a novel extent but also completes the composition by the addition.

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