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We enter the month of October still feeling the electric energy of Durga Puja
and Dussehra celebrations in the air, and the cool nights of autumn to look forward
to and of course the blissful celebration of light, Diwali which will be fervently
celebrated by the nation in coming weeks. In our October issue we cover a range
of content from political art in the black power movement to ‘information objects’
of contemporary sculpture.

An Art and Deal correspondent converses with British illustrator Ian Miller who
is renowned for his macabre, quirky and surreal works including his collaborations
with various authors, poets, film-makers and gaming lines. Recently Miller has
released his first novel titled ‘The Broken Diary’ which is an anarchic tale which
flits from reality to dreamscape and back. He candidly discusses his origins, career
and thoughts on the current art scene, his new book and what it means to be an
artist in the midst of a free-market capitalist world.

Rajesh Punj interviews In-situ Shanghai artist Xu Zhen, whose
multidisciplinary practice brings together elements of various civilizations as an
aesthetic appropriation and is also influenced by his interest in new and ever
developing technologies in the current age. Xu Zhen creates a new aesthetic in
juxtaposing different and seemingly disparate elements. This is perfectly summed
up with the phrase; ‘The elements used in the work don’t only represent a cultural
phenomenon, they also relate to the human spirit.’

Dhiraj Choudhury, Indian modern painter of international acclaim, gives us
an insightful and reflective report as he embarks on his 81st year. We are taken on
a journey through Europe as Dhiraj Choudhury contemplates the pains and joys
his eventful and vibrant past in this touching and sincere recollection.

Sangeeta Kumari reports back on ‘Whispering Torsos’ which is Indian
artist Kanchan Chander’s latest exhibition in Delhi. Whispering Torso’s is a
multidisciplinary exhibition which celebrates the female form, using a profound
range of materials and imagery.

Sampurna Chakraborty gives a comprehensive report as a current researcher in
the field of art pedagogy in India in ‘Between Method and Material: The Shifting
Shape of Pedagogy’ and our correspondent in London reviews ‘The Soul of a
Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power’ one of the most important political art
retrospectives of the year at Tate Modern. The Soul of a Nation is a collection
of the most prominent works through the duration of the African American civil
rights movement and provides in depth insight into various art movements within
what was, and still is, one of the most crucial battles for social equality the world
has ever seen. The message of which rightfully resounds into the present day.

Happy reading and a blessed and joyous Diwali to you all, and do contact us
with your thoughts and suggestions.
-Siddhartha Tagore

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