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Dasha-Hara The Bonfires of Effigies
Pranab Seal

Dusshera falls on the 10th day of the Navratri as prominent as a celebration of good over evil across Northern India, depicted by burning effigies of Ravana with Kumbhkaran and meghnath. This major religious cultural event is preceded by various other celebrations like Ram Lila, the enactment of the religious Hindu epic Ramayana in a theatrical form and Jhankis where various scenes from the Ramayana are portrayed and Sculptures of various deities are carried around in processions by devotees accompanied with music and dance and performances, in costumes with painted bodies and faces.

Ravana a learned king finally met his end owing to his pride and obstinacy in addition to his evil deeds. The photographer has tried to capture the essence of this victory of good and destruction of evil with the drama within the flames and the burning metaphor. The tall majestic figure bursts into sparks and crumbles to the ground in a heap of ashes.

Like a fallen kingdom burning up to the sky. A symbol of the end of malice. The moon shines from above and gives hope from beyond. There is still hope. There is goodness that survives upon which depends the survival of the whole of humanity.

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