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Two strangers met on a romantic night and then the world changes for them. This stereotypical opening seemingly has nothing more to offer, apart from the fact that it’s cliché and mundane as a run of the mill kitsch movie. But then comes the twist, rather eclipse, which makes this movie stand out from the rest and sends your imagination on its merry way! This is a nail biting psycho–thriller that will glue you to the edge of your seats till the crescendo! And the ascent will leave you in devolution of musings. This is the tale of how a simple man turns into an antihero, doing everything it takes to cast a shadow on those he comes across.

Why does the only son of a MathematicsWizard father go astray to seek his answers? This and much more will be answered in Rahu; it certainly has everything in store to catch your fancy and imagination.

Yes, the summer heat is on and the film maker duo Konad Bhattacharjee and Pranab Seal from the Southernmost river valley in Assam are all set to scale up the mercury meter further with their ambitious venture ‘Rahu’ releasing on August 25th. The trailer released on YouTube has already crossed 13000 views and this number is still rising. Made with a modest budget of rupees 2.5 Lacs, the reel venture promises much more than its investment.

Some of the shots in the trailer are breathtaking and action director Pallav Chakraborty has pulled up some excellent chasing sequences on bike. Add this to some adrenaline pumping action shots and stunts on the roof top of a train; this might be the very first movie of its kind in this part of the country. Pallav, a trained martial arts professional has also body doubled in some of the crucial action sequences. The entire film is shot in and around Silchar town, the heart of the Barak Valley. DOP Dev Dutta and Assistant Camera Person Raj Kar have eloquently captured the essence of a city based psycho thriller shot extensively at Dolu Tea Estate, NIT Silchar, Fatak Bazaar, Madhura Ghat, Chirukandi Highway and East West Corridor in Silchar.

The multitalented actor-filmmaker konad has also penned the story line of this flick which goes far beyond a commercial flick and leaves you with some thoughts to ponder upon parental dynamics. A mediocre boy laden with his parent’s ambitions turns out to be a demon for society. This dark thriller will run for a hundred and forty minutes on screen and includes four tracks mixed at Ritika Studio Mumbai. Ranveer Singh of Ritika Studio has composed the tunes for the tracks. Singing star Zubeen Garg has landed his voices for the title track of the film. J.D Joy has penned the soothing tracks which are already making quite a buzz in social media. To add, background score done by Rony Nath and Subhajit Paul adds to the captivating screenplay and is simply scintillating.

Pranab Seal, one of the directors of the film says “it took us two years to complete the project and it is like a dream coming true. We faced a lot hurdles but I m happy that we did it finally. The viewers will have lots of jaw dropping elements to experience from Rahu and I hope they appreciate our efforts” Pranab goes on to add that after making a few music videos the team took up the thought of making a full length feature film from Barak Valley. Lots of hurdles came up in the process, right from lack of technical equipment to professional artists, “the task was herculean” recollects Pranab, photography professional. It is pertinent to mention that PK production started its journey with RUPKOTHA, a 45 minute film made in a budget of only rupees 4500.

The entire cast and crew are local talents all of whom had this vision and their collective efforts have made Rahu a reality this summer. The film is being shown on August 2017 at Silchar and later it will be projected at nearby districts of Karimganj and Hailakandi. The film will also be screened at Agartala and Guwahati, the capital cities of Tripura and Assam respectively.

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