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bootstrapping – Goutam Ghosh
Project 88, Mumbai

There is an adjustment period in the morning, waking up from a long night’s sleep — “we haven´t managed to keep a steady sleeping pattern these last months. We feel this constant buzz of the world gears turning, news from a distant place we got to know well, like an inaudible radio transmission, an interference in our growth”. Since last week, the adjustment has got even worse, things around appear as bidimensional patterns. Patterns appeared after my eyes had been slowly exposed to sunlight, it was only after a sudden jerk that I settled my leg on the floor and it all slowly came to normal — “breathe in, breathe out, it´s reality loading itself, just ride the snake. Is this normal? What is “normal” anyway? Are we getting old and is this just our body reacting to more than 30 years of abuse? We don´t regret the use, we´ve gained experience. Could we have done it in a less emotional and impulsive way? We did what we could with what we had”. I tried to analyze the incident – what are these variables compressing observable life into bidimensional patterns? The light, a right angle projection, multiple projections. Moreover, a projection on an object from a 45 degree angle in a corner may help the mass from a body disappear. I realize that I do not have the right knowledge to go further into this — “Aren´t we supposed to come to this life with all the tools necessary to surpass its adversities? Why do we suddenly have to depend on this accumulation of observable phenomena, probably clouded by diverse obscure agendas, to shed light on what is happening to us?”.

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