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Journey of The Light in Art History:
Mystical, Material, Spiritual, Capricious

Dr. Ashrafi S. Bhagat

Light and colour hence offered the aesthetics of beauty as radiance and clarity. For the medieval philosophers,metaphysically the notion of light was centered in the belief that God was Light; and hence the incorporeal light for the Christians was God’s light, giving splendour to the whole creation. Light allowed the beauty of objects, especially their color to manifest in order to reflect beauty to its fullest.

Light is that vital element of reality, which makes visible the world around us. It is a seminal component and constituent part of art making be it painting, sculpture or architecture. It is an element perhaps taken for granted, but in its engagement it provides unlimited expressive and metaphoric possibilities, though remaining intangible like space and time. Yet artists and architects have vigorously employed it to create their own realities in works of art. This essay will attempt to foreground light as an element that has crucially played a seminal role within the discourse of art history in establishing different dimensions to create a narrative. As a reality, the artists consciously negotiated it perceptively from cultural, religious, scientific dimensions, which changed ways of seeing and representing in art making.

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